About Us

We love our work! We love it because we’re good at it! The team at Air Sauce has been producing brand, spanking, shiny, new media solutions for over 10 years. Whether you’re a small business needing a clean & effective online presence or a Blue Chip looking for a complete re-brand, we can give you exactly what you want, when you want it.

We Love Our Work!

We specialise in creating websites which are easy to use and manage ensuring that your message gets across to your target audience and wins you new business 24/7. Our web design and web development team have a broad range of skills, working with technologies such as PHP, ASP, Java, Ajax, MS-SQL, MySQL, XML, CSS amongst many others. Between us, we have well over half a century of applied web development and new media experience. Contact us today to discuss your requirements

Why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) an absolute must for your website

It’s all very well having a beautifully designed website but if people can’t find it then it’s as good as useless. Your Competition is growing on a daily basis so to get ahead of the pack you need to make sure your website is fully search engine optimised.

In simple terms SEO is the process of increasing the quality andĀ  volume of traffic to a website from search engines. Mainly SEO requires common sense and well constructed site content which in itself can alone boost your search engine placement dramatically. Google constantly scans the web to gauge which websites are the most relevant in relation to the search terms entered by their users. If your website is selling high quality coffee beans and your content reflects this without overĀ  referencing keywords and the site is well constructed (this enables the Google bot to quickly and easily work through the site) you will be rewarded with a higher ranking placement and subsequently increased, quality traffic. By employing the services of a good website designer who can build you a website with built in SEO and advise you on best practices in search engine optimisation copywriting, you can turn your online business into a thriving concern. Contact us for further details on how SEO can boost your business.